Our Playgrounds

Playground Structures

We have a wide range of designs and equipment for schools, kinders, churches and public parks. Our POTOROO and PYGMY-POSSUM range is ideal for kinders and the early primary years, with low fall heights, easy grip handles for small hands, and heaps of climbers, activities and slides. For the mid-primary years, our BANDICOOT range incorporates exciting balance and overhead equipment with bridges and climbers - and our KANGAROO range is ideal for multi-level play by older primary school children. We also have themed playground equipment, for example, our Cruise Boat and Space Port designs are great for role playing and add an extra dimension to the play experience.

If you are interested in quality play equipment for your backyard, please contact us as we may be able to assist.

Access and Mobility
Access is an important consideration in any playground design. Our tried and tested range of play equipment can be modified to suit your access requirements. We also have a SPECIAL NEEDS range which is specifically designed for wheelchair access and for kids with limited mobility.

All our play equipment and shade sails are built to last. All the bolts and fasteners used are corrosion and tamper resistant. The steel is fabricated at our factory in Victoria’s Yarra Valley using Galtube-Plus stock, which is galvanised on the outside and painted on the inside for maximum durability. Your external colour preferences will easily be accommodated by Dulux’s extensive range of coatings.

Custom Design
Our talented design team can modify an existing structure or come up with something completely new. We manufacture our play equipment in-house, so the sky’s the limit in terms of our ability to innovate with you. In any case, we’ll use our expert knowledge to help to guide and assist.
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