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Activity Nets are all the rage at the moment, and for good reason. They help children learn spatial awareness through climbing, and are great for agility, balance and core strength.

Activity Playgrounds supplies and installs a range of stand-alone activity nets for schools, public parks and for other recreational areas. Like our play equipment and shade sails, the nets are designed to be safe, robust and durable.

Design & Installation
Our design team can take you through our range of innovative, age appropriate designs, or work with you to come up with a unique activity net configuration to meet your needs. Installation is carried out by our experienced team of in-house installers who are specially trained and meet the Victorian Government’s Working with Children Check requirements. We will complete your activity net project with softfall undersurfacing and edging and as required, a shade sail and fencing .
The Rope? Seriously Strong!

The ropes are made from synthetic nylon yarn braided around galvanised steel wire - all 18mm of it. This combination gives the rope a tough and taught core, while being safe and comfortable for little hands.

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