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Fun & Fitness

Fun and Fitness areas are great value. We can design a dedicated space in which children can exercise and develop lifelong patterns of healthy behaviour. Of course, the immediate benefits of fun and fitness areas are a bit of healthy activity and getting some much needed fresh air.

Activity Playgrounds offer a range of fun and fitness equipment to suit various ages and skill levels. We’ll work with you to come up with a combination of equipment that enable children to benefit from their new fun and fitness area - from challenging climbers and chin-up bars to parallel bars, beams and benches. We can also recommend ways to arrange the equipment so it can be used as a ‘fitness circuit’, seamlessly starting at warm-up stations and moving through to balance, agility, speed and strength.

Manufacturing and Installation

We manufacture fun and fitness components in-house using the best materials and methods. The finished product is robust, durable and safe and meets all relevant Australian Standards. Installation is carried out by our experienced team of in-house installers who are specially trained and meet the Victorian Government’s Working with Children Check requirements. Activity Playgrounds can also manufacture and install a shade sail over some of your fun and fitness equipment.

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