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Our Team

Meet our team
(From left to right): Rick, Nick, David, Dan, Tim and Caleb. (Back row): Ken and Aaron

Rick Rayner
Owner and Managing Director
Rick has decades of experience in the playground industry. He’s been designing, building and repairing playgrounds all over Victoria and beyond. Rick is licensed shade sail builder and will ensure your new shade sail is both structurally sound and looks great.

David McCallum
Operations Manager
With decades of experience in managing work crews and competing jobs in a timely way, David is using his skills and knowhow to schedule our jobs and will easily sort out any practical issues such as site access.

Sales Team

Nick Lundh
Playgrounds and Shade Sails
A world champion boxer with over seven years experience in designing play equipment and assessing any repair needs. Nick has also worked to produce play equipment. He continues to work closely with our production team in order to produce a quality product.

Aaron De Vincentis

Playgrounds and Shade sails
A keen footballer and basketballer, Aaron looks after clients in the western half of Victoria and beyond! His commitment to listening and great service will ensure your new play equipment and shade sail look great and will stand the test of time.

Installing and repairs Team

Dan McCallum
With years of experience installing and repairing playground equipment, Dan will ensure the job is done right the first time! As the father of young children, he knows only too well the value of a well built and safe playground.

Ken Orr
A serious ‘outdoorsman’ with years of experience and practical know-how, Ken will ensure your equipment is well put together and is safe. Ken values a close working team and will ensure any on-the-job issues are quickly resolved.

Caleb Rayner

Caleb is a qualified and practised heavy machinery expert – he operates our bulldozer, excavator and a bobcat. As a keen circuit racing driver, he uses his considerable skill and experience to move our heavy machinery around our busy roads.