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Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in new play equipment and or a shade sail for my school or kindergarten, who can I talk to discuss some options and likely cost?

Activity Playgrounds is happy to arrange an appointment and to visit you. Having discussed your ideas, we will measure-up the area and will produce a design that suits the surrounding buildings and landscaping.

I am based in rural and regional Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia or southern NSW and I want to see Activity Playgrounds equipment that is near-by. Where can I go to see your company’s playground already in the ground? Will a representative visit me?

We have built many playgrounds throughout country Victoria and south-eastern Australia. We will happily meet with you to discuss your plans. Upon request, we can refer you to the closest existing play structure.

I have a big backyard and want some play equipment installed. Will it be expensive?

Over the years we have designed and built play equipment for private residences. Commercial quality play equipment is more expensive than retail alternatives, however if you want a fully integrated playground we may be able to put together a design that fits your budget.

Why should I choose a shade sail from Activity Playgrounds?

Our shade sails are designed to be durable as well as provide protection from the sun’s UV rays. We use posts that are strong; they are stable as they are concreted deep into the ground. The sail itself is made from commercial grade fabric and is attached securely to the structure to withstand high winds.
As a licensed shade sail builder, we have seen a lot of shade sails from other companies that require repair and maintenance. Many do not have adequate concrete footings and or strong enough posts. The shade cloth is affected by excessive wear and tear due its positioning, tensioning and the way it is fixed to the steel structure.

Our budget is limited, at this point, we can only afford new playground equipment. Can our site design/plan include provision for a shade sail?

We will happily quote for play equipment to be completed as stage one and for a shade sail as stage two. Ideally, the planning and design tasks are completed together. This effort produces an overall design that not only looks great but adds to the amenity of the playground area.

What steps are involved in designing and installing new play equipment?

  1. Brief initial discussions;
  2. Site visit to further discuss various design proposals and to measure-up;
  3. Preparation of a written quote and design drawings;
  4. Customer makes final decision;
  5. Manufacturing and factory preparations;
  6. Installation works and then handover.

The children love playing on our Activity Playgrounds play equipment, can it be revamped or extended?

In almost all cases we can design an attractive and practical extension for your existing equipment. Older equipment can also be revamped so it is ready for a new generation of children.

Having looked at a number of quotes, I am close to making a final decision. I want the play equipment installed soon, how long will it take to finish the job?

We can usually install your new equipment within four weeks after receiving your organisation’s purchase order. Our experienced team of installers will work around your school or kindergarten’s daily activities.

Our organisation has decided to purchase play equipment from Activity Playgrounds, how do we confirm our order? Who do we talk to? What is the next step?

Having accepted our quote, please send through your organisation’s Purchase Order by fax or email. At that time our sales representative will generally provide an indicative installation date which is then confirmed closer to the day by our Operations Manager. He will also work through any practical issues such site access.

Can our Activity Playgrounds play equipment be repaired?

Yes! We have all the relevant parts and the expertise to ensure your play equipment is safe and functional. We may ask for photos to assist us prepare a quote.

Our play equipment was supplied by another company, can Activity Playgrounds quote on repairs, including the effects of vandalism?

We can, however it may be appropriate that you contact the original supplier first. We hold a stock of many of our competitor’s parts and have the expertise to fix most issues.

What sort of warranty does Activity Playgrounds offer on its equipment?

All our play equipment is covered by the following limited warranty:
  • Steel posts and components: ten year (10yrs) warranty on structural failure due to faulty materials or workmanship;
  • Plastic components: Five year (5yrs) warranty on polyethylene components due to faulty materials or workmanship;
  • Fibreglass components: Five year (5yrs) warranty on slides due to faulty materials or workmanship; and
  • All moving parts: one (1yr) only.
Our warranty covers workmanship and materials; it does not cover normal wear and tear, accidental damage, negligence or vandalism.

How and where is our equipment made? Is play equipment covered by an Australian Standard?

We manufacture our playground equipment in Wandin, Victoria. We use Australian made steel; major components such as slides and tunnels are also made in Victoria.

Our play equipment, under-surfacing (rubber and mulch) and activity nets are designed and installed to meet and exceed the following Australian Standards for playground equipment and surfacing requirements; testing, installation and maintenance:
  • AS/NZS 4486.1-1997: Playgrounds and playground equipment - Part 1: Development, installation, inspection, maintenance and operation.
  • AS/NZS 4422-1996: Playground surfacing - Specifications, requirements and test methods
  • AS 4685-2004: Playground equipment (Parts 1-6); AS4685.11 (2012)

I’ve seen playground equipment made predominately from timber, which is better, steel or timber?

Most of our play equipment is made from durable steel. However, if a client wants a predominately wooden structure we are only too happy to design and install a structure made from beautiful timber. Ultimately, the choice will depend on your preference and the environment of the playground area.

What other play equipment options are available? Will these keep the children active and occupied, as well as keeping them safe?

Activity Playgrounds supplies a range of other play equipment: ‘ Fun n Fitness’ equipment, activity nets, swings and sandpits and safety fencing.
Our ‘fun n Fitness’ equipment is designed to keep children active and fit via its placement around an oval or large open area.

I am not sure where to start? - we need to upgrade or relocate our play equipment but the new location is on uneven ground or is covered by asphalt or concrete?

Activity Playgrounds offers a one-stop-shop service. We have all the equipment and machinery needed to excavate an area and remove soil, asphalt and concrete.